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Water Treatment Systems > WaterMaze > Recycle & Discharge Systems

Series: EC2-20A
An advanced Electro-coagulation (EC) system for treating wash water and other industrial waste water that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals.

Series: IPF2-20D
Employs various micron size media paper to filter out particulates in water.

Series: REC2-20A
Clean Water Recycle Module automatically manages the flow of treated water for reuse.

Series: CL Series
Modular clarifiers for pretreatment, sewer discharge or recycling of commercial and industrial waste water

Series: Alpha Series
Above-Ground oil/water/solids Separators

Series: CLP Series
Automtic and manual wash water treatment systems for recycling or sewer discharge.

Series: Delta Series
Compact, low profile wash water treatment systems for recycling or sewer discharge

Series: CLPB
Highly effective wash-water treatment system and the first to integrate filtration and bioremediation.

Series: Compact CoAg
Cost-effective chemical water treatment system

Option that can be applied for polishing waste streams in treat and discharge and recycle applications

Series: CoAg2-20A
An advanced chemical treatment system to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils from the waste stream.

Series: ZCF Skid System
A skid-mounted industrial grade media filtration system and a water management control center

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