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Floor Care Equipment > Karcher > Scrubbers/Dryers > 36VDC, Stand-On Scrubber, 26" WW, 25gS/28gR


Series: Chariot 3 IScrub 26 - 36VDC, Stand-On Scrubber, 26" WW, 25gS/28gR

Next generation stand-on scrubbing.

Imagine the money you will save when you double your scrubbing productivity with the Chariot 3 iScrub 26! When compared to a walk-behind-scrubber the Chariot 3 is twice as productive. What is even better—the Chariot will not cost you a penny more than the
traditional scrubber you are using now. This is the next-generation of stand-on cleaning equipment developed from our years of
expertise as the innovators of the stand-on cleaning segment. Chariot 3 is the 3rd-generation Chariot stand-on automatic-scrubber and it features a 26 inch scrub pad width.



A change of pace

  • Six cleaning modes including EcoMode and EcoMode Plus.


  • On-board charging available for simple operation.

Easy to maintain

  • Hygienic tank system for recovery solution tank.
  • Auto-adjust squeegee
  • Maintenance friendly scrub deck

Simple to use

  • Optional chemical metering system with adjustable dilution rate.
  • Clear, simple control panel significantly reduces training time and produces more consistent results
  • Full circle visibility for operator safety
  • Easy to transport around the building and fits through a standard door
Technical Data CHARIOT 3 ISCRUB 26
Cleaning Path
Cleaning Rate
27,639 sq ft/hr
Two 13" pads or brushes
Brush Motor
2 x .5 HP
Brush Speed 300 RPM
Brush Pressure
75-100 Lbs.
Solution Capacity
25 Gal.
Recovery Capacity
28 Gal.
Electrical System
36V 3x12V 205 A/H or 225 A/H, 36V 3x12V 234 A/H AGM
Operating Noise Level 66 dB(A)
Weight 460 Lbs.
Dimensions 56.5" L x 33" W x 50" H

For more details and information, please refer to the product brochure.

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