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Floor Care Equipment > Karcher > Scrubbers/Dryers > Auto Mop, 24"WW, 2gS/2.5gR


Series: B 60/10 C eco! - Auto Mop, 24"WW, 2gS/2.5gR

Filling the gap in floor scrubbing.

The Kärcher B 60/10 eco! auto mop is in a unique category of cleaning equipment designed to fill the gap between a mop and bucket and an autoscrubber; this machine cleans more effectively than a mop and bucket and less expensive than an autoscrubber.

The B 60/10 operates by dispensing clean solution on the floor and picking it up via a manually-powered pump. No power source is needed, making this an easy and green cleaning solution to cleaning floors.



  • Five times as productive as a mop and bucket
  • Leaves floor dry, reducing slip ‘n’ falls
  • Hygienic system only uses clean water to scrub floor
  • Easy to operate

Available in 4 Configurations:

  • Base Model
  • Detail Configuration
  • Productivity Configuration
  • Hygienic Configuration
Technical Data B 60/10 C eco!
Product Number (Base Model)
Pad Working Width
Vacuum Working Width
Area Performance
15,840 sq. ft.
Tank (fresh/dirty)
2 / 2.5 gal.
Sound 52 dBa
Weight 44 lbs.

Dimensions:  31"L x 25"W x 43"H (handle folded)

For more details and information, please refer to the product brochure.

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