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Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners > Nilfisk ALTO > Hot Water, Electric Motor Driven > Hot Water, Electric Motor Driven, 230-460V, 2800-3000 PSI

Hot Water, Electric Motor Driven

Series: MH 4M - Hot Water, Electric Motor Driven, 230-460V, 2800-3000 PSI

The MH series is equipped with our industrial pumps with 3-4 ceramic pistons and 4 pole motor. The machines are ideal for all hot water commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. Due to the EcoPower™ boiler they offer ideal and best in class efficient performance level for general hot water cleaning. Furthermore, the flow activated control system improves user comfort and handling as well as overall machine reliability.

Service and maintenance can be carried out quickly, as all vital parts are easy to inspect and reach. Also, the diagnostics function showed in the panel will give maintenance warnings to minimize any downtime.

The MH series concept ensures high mobility and easy transport across a wide variety of surface types thanks to the 4 large wheels and great balance.



  • High efficiency 4 pole motors
  • EcoPower™ boiler with EcoMode function
  • Brass pump head• Large inlet water filter protects pump against impurities
  • 3-4 ceramic pistons
  • Flow- or pressure activated unloader system
  • Oil tank and oil level sight
  • Low pump oil warning system
  • Low fuel warning system• Onboard diagnostics function
  • Innovative design with 4 big wheels
  • Easy to transport, can even be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces


 Technical Data  MH 4M - 2800 MH 4M - 3000
 Product Number  107146913 107146914
 Pump Pressure  2800 PSI  3000 PSI
 Water Flow  3.8  4.2
 Motor  8.3 HP 10 HP
 Cleaning Impact (approx. lb @12”)  10  11
 Pump  1750 RPM 1750 RPM
 High Pressure Hose  50 ft.  50 ft.
 Burner Fuel Tank  4 gal.  4 gal.
 Detergent Tank  1 x 2.6 gal.  1 x 2.6 gal.
 Power Cord  35 ft.  35 ft.
 Power  230V/1P/30A  460V/3P/20A
 Power Frequency  60 Hz  60 Hz
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  40" x 28" x 40"  40" x 28" x 40"
 Weight  340 lbs.  340 lbs.


For more details and information, please refer to the product brochure.


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