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Industrial Vacuums > Nilfisk CFM > Three-Phase Vacuums - White Line > Portable, Dry Collection, 220V, 3-Phase

Three-Phase Vacuums - White Line

Series: InfiniClean Series - Portable, Dry Collection, 220V, 3-Phase

Clogged filters directly impact vacuum performance and cause costly downtime, so Nilfisk CFM designed InfiniClean to continuously clean the filter during unattended, continuous-duty or extremely dusty applications. InfiniClean is a self-contained, automated filter purging system requiring no external compressed air supply, secondary power source or interference by the operator.

Available on the following models: VHW320 IC, VHW420 IC, VHW440 IC and VHT446 IC.



  • Completely automated system, requires no user interactionn to clean the filter
  • No additional compressed air or power sources required, which reduces costs and improves portability
  • Vacuum runs continuously without shutting down for filter cleaning
  • Keep workers on the floor, not maintaining vacuum filters
  • Maintains peak vacuum performance as it cleans
  • Processing equipment stays free from dust


Data VHW320 IC
Collection Type Dry Dry Dry
Voltage @ 60 Hz 220 / 460 V 220 / 460 V 220 / 460 V
Type of Power 3-Phase 3-Phase 3-Phase
Power @ 60 Hz
2.75 HP 3.42 HP 6.17 HP
Current, max.
  8.8 / 4.4 Amps   11.4 / 6 Amps 15.6 / 9 Amps
Airflow, max 150 CFM 222 CFM 294 CFM
Waterlift, controlled 88" 76" 92.3"
Tank Capacity 6.6 gal.
12.2 gal. 26 gal.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 28.9" x 17.3" x 53.9"
38.2" x 21.3" x 61.4"
44.5" x 23.6" x 60.2"

For more details and information, please refer to the product brochure.

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