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Industrial Vacuums > Nilfisk CFM > Pneumatic / Air-Operated Vacuums > Air-Operated Industrial Vacuum

Pneumatic / Air-Operated Vacuums

Series: VHC200 - Air-Operated Industrial Vacuum

Nilfisk CFM’s A15 and VHC200 pneumatic vacuums were developed in response to customers’ needs for compressed-air vacuums that pack the same punch as electric industrial vacuums. The A15 and VHC200 use air pressure generated by a compressor which is driven though a venturi inside the vacuums to create powerful suction. Because the venturis have no moving parts like electric motors, the units are very low maintenance.



  • Low noise level for operator comfort.
  • Large main filter provides more surface area for filtering and resists premature clogging.
  • External filter shaker keeps the main filter free of clogging dust and helps maintain maximum suction power and filtration performance.

Data VHC200
Collection Type Dry (Wet Option)
Min. air consumption @ 90 psi 70 cfm
Recommended air compressor size 18-23 HP
Compressed airline inner diameter 3/4"
Length of supplied airline * 30 ft.
Waterlift, max. 177" H2O
Airflow, max. 200 cfm
Sound pressure @ 1.5 m (ISO 3744) 70 dB(A)
Filter area, main filter 21 sq. ft.
Filter area, optional HEPA 37.7 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity 26 gal.
Weight, machine only 154 lbs.
Machine inlet size 70 mm
HEPA filter efficiency 99.995% @ 0.18 microns

Dimensions:  35.8"L x 23.6"W x 62.6"H

For more details and information, please refer to the product brochure.

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