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Accessories / Misc. Equipment > Barracuda > Reclaim & Recovery Equipment and Accessories > Barracuda Snorkel Cleaning System / Cold Water

Reclaim & Recovery Equipment and Accessories

Series: LTX-CW Series - Barracuda Snorkel Cleaning System / Cold Water

Barracuda Snorkel Systems are designed to provide aggressive point of use high pressure water and steam impact in a fashion that eliminates overspray and facilitates recovery and disposal. Snorkel systems are efficient customizable and flexible solutions for cleaning walls and floors in facilities sensitive to work flow impact. Difficult to clean areas are cleaned and sanitized in an efficient fashion minimizing the preparation time and production down times.


  • Cleans difficult-to-clean surfaces
    • Heavily embedded / soiled areas
    • Diamond plate / grout joints / textured surfaces
  • Cleans difficult to access areas
    • Tight quarters around equipment
    • Raised platforms
  • Does not require detergent
  • Cleans, vacuums, and disposes of water all in one step (saves time and labor)
  • No over spray
    • Cleaning can take place simultaneously with production (saves time and labor)
    • Little need for cleaning area preparation
  • Water recovery takes place at rapid rate
    • Cleaning process speed is not restricted by recovery rate (saves time and labor)
    • No need to stop and dump. Vacuum and automatic dump takes place in integrated fashion (saves time and labor)
    • No need to stop and recharge batteries
  • Ability to clean floors and walls (multi-use)
  • Ability to clean irregularly shaped surfaces (using rotary accessory tool)
  • Surface cleaners available in multiple sizes to fit cleaning area access requirements (flexible)
  • Compatible with hot water
  • Provides for large 200 ft. to 400 ft. cleaning diameter (saves time and labor)
  • System can be used as continuous duty stand-alone liquid recovery system for large spills or alternative cleaning projects
  • System requirements
    • 230V / 1P, 230V /3P, or 460V
    • Fresh washer supply (hot or cold)
  • Quick coupled components allow for easy access and cleaning (no tools required)

Download the details. For more specifications, please refer to the brochure.



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