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Floor Care Equipment > Karcher > Extractors

Series: Puzzi 8/1 C
Spot Extractor For Carpets and Upholstery

Series: Puzzi 10/1
Versatile Carpet Extractor

Series: Puzzi 30/4
Medium-Sized Carpet Extractor

Series: BRC 30/15 C
Economic, highly productive self contained extractor

Series: BRC 46/38 C
15"WW Walk-Behind Carpet Extractor

Series: BRC 46/76 W
22"WW Walk-Behind Carpet Extractor

Series: Puzzi 50/35 C, Puzzi 50/14 E
Box and Wand Extractors (Standard/Heat)

Series: Puzzi 64/35 E
Box and Wand Extractors (Standard/Heat)

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