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Floor Care Equipment > Tornado > Scrubbers

Series: BR 13/1 MW
120VAC, Cylindrical Scrubber, 12"WW, 1gS/.4gR

Series: BR 16/3
120VAC, Automatic Floor Scrubber, 16"WW, 3gS/3gR

Series: BD 14/4
24VDC, Automatic Floor Scrubber, 14"WW, 3.5gS/4gR

Series: BD 17/6
24VDC, Automatic Floor Scrubber, 17"WW, 6gS/6gR

Series: EZ Floorkeeper Series
24VDC, Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber, 20-24"WW, 13gS/13gR

Series: BR and BD 11 Series
24VDC, Walk-Behind Scrubbers, 18-20"WW, 11gS/12gR

Series: BR and BD 14 Series
24VDC, Walk-Behind Scrubber, 22-26"WW, 14gS/15gR

Series: BD 28/20
24VDC, Walk-Behind Scrubber, 28"WW, 20gS/22gR

Series: BD 32/26
24VDC, Walk-Behind Scrubber, 32"WW, 26gS/28gR

Series: BDSO 27/28
24VDC, Stand-On Scrubber, 27"WW, 26gS/28gR

Series: BR and BD 27 Series
24VDC, Ride-On Scrubber, 26-28"WW, 27gS/28gR

Series: BR and BD 30 Series
36VDC, Ride-On Scrubber, 28-33"WW, 30gS/30gR

Series: BR and BD 40 Series
36VDC, Ride-On Scrubber, 40"WW, 62gS/66gR

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