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Lorchem Technologies - Commercial Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals

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At Lorchem Technologies, we take the time to investigate your cleaning application to determine the best technological approach.

Lorchem Technologies, Inc. is a major distributor of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment including pressure washers, floor machines (such as floor sweepers and floor scrubbers), industrial vacuums, parts washers, water treatment systems, and cleaning detergents and chemicals. We have been serving Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest for over 30 years.

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Featured Products

Series: PGHW Series
Industrial-Duty, Self-Contained, Gasoline-Powered, Hot Water Pressure Washer

Series: ECOS-7000
Environmentally Friendly Mobile Wash and Reclaim System

Series: SG BP Series
Gum Removers

Series: Liberty HD Gas
Cold Water Engine-Powered, Belt or Direct Drive, Cart to Skid

Series: KM 125/130 R Bp
2.5 HP, Ride-On Sweeper, 35-67"WW, 34g

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